September News

[Admin] Cragganmore12 Web Admin posted Sep 10, 17

September has been an interesting month at The Lost Coast:

  • Two more donations were made, thanks to Geabuzz and  Meower141
  • As most of you already know, our server host closed suddenly and left us out in the cold.  We had to find a new host, and we are in the midst of building LCO back from the ground up.
  • Unfortunately, that means that all towns, stats, inventories, monies - everything will be starting over.  The only thing that will carry over will be our two donors (good job, boys!).
  • Finally, while a reset was the last thing we ever wanted to do, it will mean that there are new opportunities on a fresh map.  Speaking of a new map, I have added Epic World Generator and several new plugins that will (hopefully) enhance the LCO experience once we get back underway.

Thanks for being a part of The Lost Coast, and thanks for your patience as we work to get re-opened.